Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Siemens / Danfoss SITRANS F MAGFLO

imgSiemens / Danfoss SITRANS F MAGFLO Electromagnetic Flowmeters offer value for money measurement in the food, beverage and chemical industries and are designed to measure the flow in electrically conductive mediums with a minimum conductivity of 5µS/cm. With electromagnetic flow measurement process temperature, pressure, density and viscosity have no influence on the measurement of flow.

All Siemens / Danfoss SITRANS F MAGFLO Electromagnetic meters can be provided with the plug and play communication module and SENSORPROM configuration modules to enable quick and easy configuration and upgrade. With sizes from DN6 to DN2000, and a range of liner materials, flanges, and signal converters, most applications are catered for.

  • Water and waste water
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Mining, aggregates and cements industries
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Steel industry
  • Power; utility and chilled water industry

Downloadable File: Siemens Magflow Range Brochure

Siemens / Danfoss MAG 1100 / MAG 1100 Food

imgThe Siemens / Danfoss MAG 1100 is designed for the general process industry environment. Manufactured from corrosion resistant AISI 316 stainless steel and available with highly resistant liners and electrodes the MAG 1100 is suitable for most extreme process medias.

The range is further complimented by the MAG 1100F which is designed especially for the food and beverage industry and was the first flowmeter to pass the EHEDG hygienic tests meeting all sanitary standards.


Siemens / Danfoss MAG 3100 & MAG 3100 Ex

imgThe Siemens / Danfoss MAG 3100 & MAG 3100 Ex is designed for use in the toughest working environments. The sensor is available in a wide choice of linings, electrodes and flange materials and allows measurement of even the most extreme process media. The units can be supplied with approvals for PTB, OIML R75, OIML R117 and are suitable for use in hazardous areas with ATEX approvals.

The units are available suitable for operating pressures up to 100 Bar and 180°C with pipe dimensions from DN15 to DN2000. The units can also be supplied with a high accuracy calibration with a +/- 0.1% uncertainty.


Siemens / Danfoss MAG 5100 W

imgThe Siemens / Danfoss MAG 5100 W with its patented composite elastomer lining is suitable for for all water applications including, ground water, drinking water, waste water and sewage or sludge applications. The hard lining of the MAG 5100 W guarantees consistant and accurate measurement throughout the temperature and pressure range. This unit is also suitable for direct burial and constant flooding and can provide increased accuracy for water leak detection with its coned liner design.


Siemens / Danfoss MAG 8000

imgThe Siemens / Danfoss MAG 8000 is a low flow detection sensor and provides great low flow performance with minimal pressure drop. The MAG 8000 is an affordable, flexible, battery powered solution and allows a reliable water meter to be installed virtually anywhere, and comp[lies with OIML R49 metering standards. The MAG8000 is available in meter sizes DN50 to DN300 mm, with an IP68 enclosure and graphical display touch pad and features a data logger and 3 totalisers.


Microprocessor Transmitters

imgThe Siemens / Danfoss range of electromagnetic flowmeters can be fitted with a number of options of microprocessor based transmitters. The MAG5000 provides a truly robust, cost effective transmitter suitable for all round applications and has a maximum measurement error of 0.5% of the flow rate. As with the Siemens / Danfoss MAG5000 the MAG6000 is a transmitter engineered for high performance and provides the same easy installation, commissioning and maintenance but with a maximum measurement error of 0.25% of flow rate.

Both systems provide superior signal resolution for optimal turn down ration combined with a user configurable operation menu with password protection and comprehensive self-diagnosis for error indication and logging. Other Siemens / Danfoss transmitters are available, including the MAG6000 I and MAG 6000 I (Ex d), which are suitable for use in the hazardous area.


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