Access Instrumentation have recently completed the supply and installation of a telemetry and SCADA system at a large Chemical Plant.The system monitors an effluent plant comprising a surface water tank, surface water lagoon and emergency lagoon. Measurements are made of dissolved oxygen levels, flow rates, pH, turbidity, pump states and aerator performance. These measurements need to be displayed locally and viewed by a number of managers distributed around the site.Using radio telemetry data is transmitted to both a local Prodigy SCADA system and a second system ¾ mile away.

Using Remote Workstation over the customer’s worldwide network, this data is also made available to 6 remote engineers, the Health and Safety department and to the local security officers in the gatehouse.

All users have access to a set of mimic displays to allow them to visually see the levels in the tanks and lagoons, and the states of the various pumps, aerators, etc. The signal data is also recorded to the hard disk and made available on a set of trend displays, so that changes over any period of time could easily be viewed.

Both Radio and Scada System have been configured to accept significant expansion as further outstations will be added at later dates.

Blenheim Palace operates its own water treatment plant serving the palace and various farms and estate cottages. The water is pumped from a lake through the water treatment plant before distribution around the large Oxfordshire Country estate.There is a requirement to maintain this water supply even at one of the remote locations.As a solution Access Instrumentation have installed a Radio Telemetry and Instrument System.

The level in two storage tanks is being monitored using an Ultrasonic Level Transducer. This level data is transmitted via a solar powered radio transmitter to the pump house. A pump control panel automatically starts and stops the twin pumps in order to maintain the required volume of treated water at the storage tanks.


A large crude oil terminal in the Middle East was recently supplied with 11 off Sarasota FD960 Fiscal Density Meters for product metering.The FD960 density meters which measure fluid density to an accuracy of 0.1 kg/m3 (0.0001 g/cc) are to be installed on the oil terminals jetty pipelines as part of the fiscal metering system.The density meters have been supplied with two metering panels each housing Sarasota CM200 Density Converters, together with MTL Isolating Barriers and Endress & Hauser Memograph Paperless Recorders.

Live values of Density, Density at Reference Conditions, SG, and Temperature for each metering line can be displayed via the CM200 Converter, with the system also being configured to repeat live values of Density and Temperature to local displays and to the terminal DCS.

Memograph Recorders are used to generate and display process alarms, to record an alarm log, and also to allow review of historical data. Connection to a local PC allows the print out of alarm reports and the download of logged signal files for further analysis via the ReadWin2000 software.