Access Instrumentation Ltd, UK are specialists in providing Process Instrument Solutions to a wide range of customers. With our extensive application experience we can specify and supply a range of Instrumentation and Control equipment including:

Flow Meters Volume Flow Meters, Mass Flow Meters, Energy Flow Meters, Steam Flow Meters, satisfying liquid and gas flowmeter applications from a range of technologies including Coriolis Flowmeters, Electromagnetic Flowmeters, Vortex Flowmeters, Ultrasonic Flowmeters, Turbine Flowmeters, Positive Displacement Flowmeters.
Level Measurement Tank Level, Bulk Storage, Inventory Control, Reservoir Level for continuous or point level applications, using technologies such as Ultrasonic Level, Capacitance Level, Radar Level, Guided Wave Level.
Density Gas Density Meters and Liquid Density Meters from the Thermo Electron range of Sarasota Density Meters for process measurement of live Density, Referred Density, Specific Gravity, % Concentration and other density related calculations.
Process Analysers pH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen Process Analysers.
Temperature Low cost temperature transmitters with both PT100 and Thermocouple inputs, temperature probes, displays and thermowell assemblies.
Pressure Gauge Pressure, Absolute Pressure, and Differential Pressure Transmitters, Submersible Pressure Transducers for gas and liquid applications
Signal Conditioning Signal Isolators, Trip Amplifiers, Power Supplies, Maths Modules, Signal Repeaters, Loop Splitters.
Indicators / Displays Panel and Field Mounted Indicators and Digital Displays.
Alarm Monitoring Systems Multi-Channel Process Condition and Critical Alarm Monitor’s and Trip Amplifier/Alarm modules.
Data Logging Single Point Loggers or Multiple Point Loggers for the logging of Temperature, Relative Humidity and other Process Variables.
Radio/GSM Telemetry Low Power Radio Telemetry, GSM and Leased Line Telemetry Systems, used in point to point or multiple outstation Telemetry Systems.