Data Logging

Access Instrumentation can supply a wide range of data logging equipment. One of the most important factors in logging data is ensuring that any measurements are taken at the optimum place and time to provide representative real time data. Where fixed instrumentation may only provide limited information based on measurements taken at a particular point significant developments in low power electronics and battery technology have enabled manufacturers to design smaller and smaller portable data loggers as a result their use is increasing significantly across a broad spectrum of industries. These versatile, compact and self-contained products can be used to measure and record parameters including temperature, pressure, humidity, acceleration, inclination, voltage and current.

Access Instrumentation can also supply the Model 5000 Process Condition and Critical Alarm Monitor, this unit will provide monitoring, recording and reporting on all categories of critical process systems.

Signatrol SL50 Series

img  Signatrol SL50 Series features:

  • Low cost, miniature temperature data loggers
  • Available as either “Button or USB Drive” logger design
  • Operation from -40°C to +125°C
  • Only 17mm diameter and 6mm thick
  • Up to 8000 Data Points
  • Various accuracies available
  • Watertight button enclosure available
  • TempIT-Lite Logging Software available FOC


Downloadable Files:

Signatrol SL100TH Series

img  Signatrol SL100TH Series features:

  • Battery powered temperature & relative humidity data logger
  • Entry level unit
  • Supplied with software, interface and manuals
  • Programmable ‘wake up’ sample rate
  • 5-Year Battery Life
  • 32’767 readings





Downloadable file: SL100TH Data Sheet

 Signatrol SL7000 Series

img  The new Signatrol SL7000 features unprecedented accuracy with high-end resolution of 16 Bit for all universal inputs. The SL7000 is a data logger that has a very flexible combination of inputs from a single temperature input up to 4 universal inputs (RTD, Thermocouple, mA, V, mV, Thermistor, Slidewire) combined with an internal temperature and RH as well as an optional external temperature and relative humidity sensor.

  • User Replaceable Internal battery
  • Data can be downloaded to a PC using the free TempIT-Lite software via its USB interface
  • Logger can start immediately, on an event, or with an external magnet
  • Optional LC display
  • Integral LED displays provide immediate scanning and alarm status information

Downloadable file: SL7000 Data Sheet