Turbine Flow Meters

Access  Instrumentation  A – 6500 & A – 6600 SeriesTurbine Flow Meters

imgAccess Turbine Flowmeters are intended for accurate measurement of liquids and gases. Over 30 years experience in the flow measurement industry and previously manufactured under the brand names, EFM, AOT, Hydrial AOT, GH Flow Automation Thermo Electron and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Utilizing a wide range of meter sizes the In Line Turbine Flowmeters give continuous, reliable flow measurement with high levels of accuracy and repeatability.

The Access Instrumentation  Model A – 6500 turbine flowmeter is intended for the highly accurate measurement of liquids and gases over a wide range of pipe sizes. The Model A – 6500 gives continuous, reliable flow measurement with accuracy levels and is suitable for most industrial applications.

The Access Model A – 6600 Custody Transfer turbine flowmeter is designed to provide high accuracy liquid flow measurement under the exacting conditions encountered in the refining and petrochemical industry. It is specifically intended for use in fiscal or custody transfer applications.

Access Instrumentation A – 5000 Series Insertion Turbine Flowmeters


The Access Series A – 5000 Insertion Turbine Flowmeters are designed for applications where installation and removal from pipelines without interruption of flow is important. They are suitable for large pipelines where the cost of in-line meters is prohibitive. They are available with interchangeable assemblies, in a wide range of sizes, with options to suit many gas or liquid applications.

The 5100 Series flow meter utilises a collet clamp and is suitable for pressures up to 18 Bar.

The 5200 Series flow meter is supplied with a screw-jack retractor for use in high pressure applications

The 5400 Series flow meter has a seal clamp enabling use with ball valves to a minimum size of 2″ full bore

Turbine Flowmeter Applications:- 

  • Oil and Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • General Process
  • Water Treatment
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power Generation

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