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Status Instruments DM3400 Series Indicator

imgThe Status Instruments DM3400 series indicator uses leading edge technology to accept all commonly used temperature and process inputs. Engineering units are displayed on a high efficiency daylight readable 4-digit LED display available in the standard red or green as an option. The indicators can be used as a standalone display or, using the Modbus serial communications “pods”, as part of a larger system. The front panel is sealed to IP65 and supplied with a moulded rubber gasket to ensure integrity once sealed to the panel. The range includes the DM3410 for temperature indication and the DM3420 for all common process signals. All come with the Status Instruments 5 year warranty.

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Status Instruments DM3600 Series Indicator

imgThe Status Instruments DM3600 Series is an intelligent 6-digit digital display panel meter that can accept inputs from a wide variety of sensors and display the signal digitally. In addition, it has the facility to accept up to two option “pods” which can be either isolated 4 to 20 mA re-transmission or two normally open alarm relays. The DM3600 also contains a totaliser function, which enables non-volatile storage of the integrated total to be maintained in the unit even after power loss. The output options can be selected to operate on process variable or total. The range includes the DM3600U, which is the universal input panel indicator, and the DM3600A, which includes for totaliser functions; again these come with the Status Instruments 5 year standard warranty.

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Status Instruments Option Pods

imgThe highly innovative case design features of the above Status Instruments DM3400 & DM3600 Series indicators allow for the addition of option “pods” which can be installed without dismantling or re-calibration. These can provide the additional functionality of Relay, 4-20mA or RS485 MODBUS outputs.


Data Track Process Instrument Tracker 211 Series Indicator

imgThis universal input, low cost panel 4-digit indicator meter from Data Track provides a ‘no frills’ instrument to suit demanding industrial environments. The unit comes fitted with a single relay and isolated 24VDC transmitter supply as standard. The panel mounted indicator is configured using concealed buttons or for larger quantities units can be customer programmed using the RS232 facility and windows based software. Additional front panel buttons can be requested allowing the user access to alarm set points or when the tare, zero or max/min functions are to be used.

  • Low Cost
  • Transmitter & Transducer Supplies
  • One Relay Fitted as Standard
  • IP65 Front Panel
  • Universal Mains Power
  • 110mm Deep
  • Standard 1/8th DIN Size
  • Available With or Without Front Panel Buttons

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Data Track Process Instruments Tracker 220 Series Indicator

imgThe Data Track Tracker 220 is a high specification 4 or 5-digit indicator that offers superior connectivity and enhanced options over the Tracker 211. The unit provides for universal inputs suitable for thermocouple, RTD, mV, mA, V or resistance and can be provided with a number of relay options and an isolated analogue output, which is customer configurable. There is also a user linearization function that allows a curve to be defined by the user with up to 24 calibration points.

  • Universal Input
  • Analogue Output
  • Transmitter & Transducer Supplies
  • 4 Alarm Set-points
  • IP65 Front Panel
  • Programmable Function Buttons
  • Maths Functions
  • Serial Communications

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