Process Analysers


img   With over 30 years experience in analytical measurement Endress+Hauser pH systems combine high performance with high quality to give unbeatable solutions to most pH measurement applications.

Within the new Ceragel and Tophit sensors Endress+Hauser offer the only sensor on the market with an innovative double chamber and double gel reference system within a classic design. New gel compositions ensure a high level of protection against contamination and a wide measuring range of 0 – 14 pH.

By making ISFET technology available for online pH measurement new fields of application have been opened in the areas of biotechnology, the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, and environmental technology. All pH sensors from Endress+Hauser are ATEX / FM approved and equipped with TOP 68 or Memosens technology.    


Memosens technology makes the pH electrode a digital sensor with integrated data storage. It also eliminates the possibility of poor connection or moisture ingress. pH sensors with Memosens technology save the current calibration data and other information, which can be used for predictive maintenance. When a Memosens sensor is fitted the calibration data is automatically transferred to the transmitter via the digital connection.
A range of standard mounting assemblies can also be supplied including Unifit for permanent installation, Dipfit for direct immersion, Flowfit for flow through, and the Cleanfit retractable assembly which can be configured for fully automated calibration and cleaning if required.

imgSimple to operate, clear menu structures, and large displays are all features of the pH Transmitters.

Field, wall or panel mount options can also be interfaced with fully automated measuring, calibration, sterilization and cleaning system solutions.


  • Orbisint, Orbipore, Ceraliquid, and Ceragel Glass Electrodes
  • Tophit Non-glass pH Sensors
  • Unifit, DipFit, Cleanfit, and Flowfit Mounting Assemblies
  • Liquisys, Liquiline, and Mycom pH Transmitters
  • Topcal, Topclean, and Chemoclean System Solutions

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