Radio / GSM Telemetry

Access Instrumentation supply the Churchill Controls Mega_Link range of Telemetry.

Mega_Link is a low-cost and versatile telemetry communication system for passing two-way instrumentation, measurement and control data between industrial plant and equipment distributed over wide geographical areas and remote locations. Using de-regulated unlicensed UHF radio or the national GSM/GPRS network it removes the dependency for cables and is also ideally suited for both permanent and short-term site installations.

With a proven track record and existing installed base within major utility companies and organisations over a number of years, Mega_Link offers cost effective, robust and dependable performance, making it the ideal solution for your Machine to Machine (M2M), telemetry and control applications.

Applications range from simple point to point systems to large schemes interfacing with PLCs and SCADA systems.


The Churchill Controls Mega_Link is the basic building block for any telemetry system.

The Mega_Link comes supplied with digital input and outputs and analogue inputs and outputs, and can be configured as a Radio, GSM/GPRS or Leased Line system. Additional expansion modules can be connected to the Mega_Link to increase the signal capability.

Other functions such as communication fail alarms, inverting digitals, and value on communications fail can be simply programmed in.

Configuration and diagnostics can be completed via a PC link and DUCX Software.


  • 8 digital inputs / 8 digital outputs
  • 2 analogue inputs / 2 analogue outputs
  • expansion modules
  • Modbus, Mitsubishi or Allen-Bradley protocol’s




Additional digital and analogue input/output interface modules  can be added for expansion of system requirements


Power supply options include:

Internal 110-240 VAC Mains supply (internal battery).

12VDC or 24VDC.

Internal alkaline batteries.

Solar panel and regulator, charging on external lead acid battery.

The  Mega_Link is a 2 way communication system that can pass 2 way

instrumentation measurement and control data between industrial plant & equipment distributed over wide geographical areas, typically by radio

Application examples

System layout example



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